The person spewing the lies is called Ian Walker and we have attached his acting reel here. Fake Pay-out Guarantee There is a specific element of the 30 Day 30K Challenge that is bewitching most of public, causing them to discard all logic and jump head first into this scam. 

You see, after registering they will push you to deposit money with a certain unregulated broker that they are affiliated with. Our 30 Day 30K Challenge review is here to set the record straight and expose this software as a fraudulent trading app.

SERIOUS SCAM: 30 Day Challenge review 

$30k 30 Day Challenge Review: this software is also among the list of scams trying to disguise itself as a genuine way of making quick money that can turn you into a millionaire. These are the [ ].

These are all proudly displayed in our recommended section. If for some reason you have bought into this program and funded a trading account using this software, DO NOT re-invest.

Furthermore, do not accept any types of incentives such as bonuses and never agree to sign any type of verification documents particularly anything having to do with deposit confirmation or credit card forms. This will surely hinder your attempts to try and get reimbursed once you understand you have been scammed by professional con artists.

Naturally, we are forced once more to advise our members and subscribers to seek alternative and more profitable investment channels. Your browser does not support the audio element.

Subscribe to our newsletter. One that anyone with a subscription to Depositphotos. Naturally, this brings into question the credibility of the supposed CEO. Why would he or she want to hide from something they are so sure of. To prove our point even further, all you need to do is Google search the name Joey Altair. You might be alarmed at the sheer amount of results. Page after page you will notice that this is indeed a fictional person.

The name Joey Altair has been associated with the 30 Day 30K Challenge scam and is blacklisted all over the internet as one you simply cannot trust. This is the first big red flag. Fake Pay-out Guarantee There is a specific element of the 30 Day 30K Challenge that is bewitching most of public, causing them to discard all logic and jump head first into this scam.

This utterly false promise, issued by non-existent CEO Joey Altair, is supposedly some sort of guarantee regarding the success of his 30 Day 30K Challenge. However, according to the multitude of complaints received, all is not as it seems.

No Regulation — No Returns: By using the brokers associated with the 30 Day Challenge scam very likely actually themselves you have absolutely no recourse to complain or demand compensation.

One of the first rules of checking out any binary trading site is to look for contact details and legitimate certification right away. Unsurprisingly the 30 Day Challenge review website is no different and makes great claims as to how upright and legal they are. But try and find any contact details other than a sole generic email address. Just try searching the profile pictures of supposedly satisfied clients of the 30 Day Challenge. Every single one is just a photo ripped from the web of someone who has utterly no relation to this form of financial dealing!

The scammers write their own recommendations and assume that visitors to their site will just swallow it as being true.

Unfortunately, the reality is the absolute opposite.


Review Verdict 

30K 30 Day Challenge (aka 30K Challenge) is a total Scam.A dangerous and manipulative trading software for binary options created to lose your money. Our team is ready to fully review and expose the 30K Challenge app for what it truly is, a sleazy money-stealing gimmick for deceiving beginners traders and leaving you empty handed.

If you're wondering whether 30K 30 Day Challenge is a scam or a not, make sure you read this review and find out why you should stay away from this system. 30 Day 30K Challenge by Joey Altair is the latest binary options auto-trading scam to be released & alarmingly has become extremely popular almost overnight. Our 30 Day 30K Challenge review intends to prove to everyone that this supposed challenge is not only fake but also filled with fictitious characters and deceitful guarantees meant to [ ]. 

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Does Joey Altair's 30 Day 30K Challenge Really Work? Is 30 Day 30K Challenge worth your Time and Money? Read my HONEST 30 Day 30K Challenge Review! Is It . 30 Day Challenge Scam 30K Challenge Review. Normally when the Scam Broker Investigator reviews an automated binary options robot, we check the functionality of the software. When it comes to the 30K Challenge Software there is no way to do that.

30K Challenge Review. by Martin Kay. Uhmm anyone remember the 30 Day challenge robot? You know, that scam that promised you would make a million dollars within 30 days? The names look familiar and I have a feeling the lies and promises we are about to hear are going to be very similar too. What I don’t understand is why we aren’t . 30 Day 30K Challenge review and scam investigation. Joey Altair is a fictional character and this software and trading robot is a blacklisted scam. Warning!

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