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The trading platform is available in three different forms; a web platform, plus the Android and Apple IOS apps.

For credit card transactions are processed almost instantly, and the transfer takes a few days. 

Now lets focus on the positives. This is a lack of seriousness and trust.

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UBinary was a binary options broker owned by UB Innovation Limited located at Ajektake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH Their phone number is +44 Their email address is ubinary@afylir.tk

In particular, they specialize in the currency market, managing risk control and trading derivatives. This firm launched uBinary in and now offers its clients a top-class platform which they can utilize in order to trade binary options proficiently. In addition, subscribers will receive expert technical and fundamental analysis of the latest market developments on a daily basis assisting them to be psychologically prepared for the events ahead.

In addition, investors can operate the sophisticated trading platform supported with the intent of utilizing its innovative and customized features in order to detect quality entry opportunities exhibiting maximum profit potential with minimum risk exposure. This broker has set itself a list of specific objectives. For example, uBinary aims to deliver an easy-to-operate trading environment backed by a world-class customer service.

UBinary Payouts and Expiry Times The key stipulation that was deployed during the design of the uBinary trading platform was that it would be based on simplicity. As such, this tool concentrates on providing clients with the most user-friendly trading environment as possible. More complex features are omitted, such as doubling-up and rollover. In addition, this design concept is supported by a minimum range of expiry times that include 1 minute, 2 minutes and 5 minutes.

The payout ratios offered are very competitive as they are some of the highest promoted in the business. This broker also supports a range of account types that are capable of precisely matching your current level of expertise. If you have already acquired experience then the Gold Account could be your ideal solution.

Veterans are advised to subscribe to the VIP account as they will then be entitled to their own market consultant. You should deal with regulated brokers only. However we have noticed that UBinary changed their operating company and address many times… this is another red flag and who would trust a company changing ownership so many times? This is a lack of seriousness and trust.

UBinary have a facebook page but they are not monitoring it. Any serious broker will post update or answer their clients request. But if you go to UBinary, you will only see spams, fake promotions and complains! If you check UBinary website and scroll down, you will notice all the small logos on the right side of their website. Yes they put it down along with their payments options logos hoping that you will not notice their logo… the reason? UFXMarkets is a confirmed scam. You will find many testimonials on internet about the shady reputation of UFXmarkets, no need to explain everything here.

I am seen so many testimonials of traders that lost all their money trading with UBinary and that make me heartbroken.



Ubinary was founded in and operated by PPT Capital Ltd (), Belize, a company that is not regulated. The address listed on their website is Portman Square. London W1H 6HN, UK. Notice! This broker changed ownership again and is now operate by UB Innovative Partners LP – Suite 2, 5 Vincent Street, Edinburgh, EH3 .

uBinary is an online broker that first came onto the scene in and has seen the number of traders that use them grow steadily ever since. We really liked what we saw from this binary options broker as things were revealed to . An attractive feature with uBinary is that you're offered a bonus that equates to between 30% and 50% of the size of your initial deposit which entirely depends on your /5. 

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UBinary was a binary options broker owned by UB Innovation Limited located at Ajektake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH Their phone number is +44 Their email address is [email protected] PPT Capital Ltd. and Ubinary also tell on websites, they are based in Great Britain and have address there. This is untrue. Ubinary and PPT Capital Ltd. are not based in Great Britain, and they are not regulated by GB authorities or other authorities in other countries.

uBinary Broker Review. Since the advent of Binary options trading close to a decade ago, online trading has never been the same. Being unregulated, it was first met with curiosity and suspicion which gradually turned into interest, and eventually into popularity as governments started regulating brokers. uBinary Review. Their asset lists are good, but currencies are the clear strength. Other asset classes are likely to be expanded as the brand grows. The key strength though is the option builder, which buy open up options lost of avenues for traders, particularly those looking to hedge or manage risk binary more effectively. The mobile app out.

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