This is a story about disability and the wounds it cuts, although it is not the story you will see in The Theory of Everything. I feel taking this brain supplement could help improve my work and increase my income. 

I wonder if CNN was somehow hacked. It wasn't under "promoted stories" or anything like that.

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Synagen IQ Scam This post is a combination of two previous posts regarding a fake CNN report about Synagen IQ and an identically fake CNN report regarding Cogniq. (Stephen Hawking, Anderson Cooper, Bill Gates, Ashton Kutcher, Denzel Washington, Tom Brady, and more), fake Harvard doctors, fake CNN doctors, and even the same .

A Jewish doctor discovered it. One of those really highly educated guys withnospace in his name. Well alright then, it has to be legitimate. Are you ready to take the next step in improving your life, feeling sharper and smarter than ever before and making millions or billions in the process?

With the full market release of the supplement scheduled for later this year, Cogniq is bound to make a splash. Experts say government intervention is likely to limit the release of the supplement due to its potent effects… I contacted CNN. I see the scammers have redirected the site. Very sneaky of them. As of now 3: As of today, January 27th , the scam is no longer at either of the first two sites.

But I do not like being manipulated by cinema, unless I know I am being manipulated; and Working Title is usually Steven Spielberg transported to the UK — all sudsy soap and sticky emotion. I am still angry that The Imitation Game, which was supposed to honour the mathematician Alan Turing, managed instead to call him a traitor.

It stuck a Soviet spy in his hut, made him blackmail Turing, and he went along with it for fear of being outed as homosexual; less tribute than fiction. So I read the book this film was based on. Hawking too has written a memoir — My Brief History. This would never make a film, because it is too brief. It is almost an absence. So the film-makers turned to Jane for their story. They have used her shoddily.

Jane knew Hawking might not live long when they married in The original prognosis was two years. Even so, they made a home, they travelled to conferences abroad, they had three children.

Her sacrifice deserves thanks, but no thanks came; when he became the youngest fellow of the Royal Society at 32, he made a speech, but he did not mention his wife.

And why would he? This is the hinterland in which a disabled man became a master of the universe; and that is why I call Hawking a misogynist.


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“Celebrating Stephen Hawking” with a scam Posted: March 23, by Christopher Boyd The recently departed Stephen Hawking is apparently back from the dead, now a target for scammers wanting to extract some quick cash from the unwary in the form of a vaguely surreal scam.

Feb 15,  · Stephen Hawking Anderson Cooper Ashton Kutcher Denzel Washington Tom Brady Bradley Cooper Kanye West Tiger Woods Will Smith George Clooney Quentin Tarantino Daniel Craig Bill Gates Dr. Oz Sir Isaac Newton For the sake of documentation, I'm reproducing the "Geniux" report below. “Celebrating Stephen Hawking” with a scam by Christopher Boyd on March 23, The recently departed Stephen Hawking is apparently back from the dead, now a target for scammers wanting to extract some quick cash from the unwary in the form of a vaguely surreal scam. 

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What is Cogniq

Fake News Site Uses Stephen Hawking To Sell Get-Rich-Quick Scheme. A CNN impersonator falsely claims the Cambridge professor is sharing his new algorithm with the world, and even appears to show a video of Hawking endorsing the product. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Stephen Hawking: His Life and Work at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

An interesting and comprehensive biography of Steven Hawking, and an explanation of his thoughts, his work, and his theories regarding the origin of our universe. Professor Hawking is a man I can respect: an original thinker, and not just an apologist or follower of others and their theories. The lie that Stephen Hawking takes “smart pills” is not even the biggest lie in these “smart pill” ads By Corinne Purtill April 3, Synagen IQ, according to parts of the internet, is a truly spectacular drug.

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