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I tested out each of the top four brokers I actually tested several in the top 15 and simulated the trading experience.

While we do our utmost to ensure that all our data is up-to-date, we encourage you to verify our information with the broker directly. I had to be aware that comparing a full-service broker to a discount broker or options broker was going to be difficult. 

The first mobile app I mentioned is more basic, but it does have a unique feature built in worth noting.

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As the rest of the world continues to join the forex market, private traders and investors in the US are really just beginning to tap into all that the forex industry has to offer.

Even though there are still some online forex brokers that neglect to allow USA traders use their services, there are many that have developed services specifically for USA traders.

Many of them realize the advantage of allowing clients from the US join in because it can only add to stability and strength of the forex market. With the stock markets being the big thing in the United States, the real issue is that most people are simply uneducated on what the forex market is and how it works. As more and more people from the USA begin to learn about it, we will eventually start to see a shift from trading stocks in to trading forex.

As this happens, the market will obviously continue to grow in size and liquidity, and it will only become more and more profitable for investors. There is no doubt that there is a shift starting and it will only continue as the stability of the forex market grows stronger. As this happens, US traders will switch from stocks to forex in record numbers.

This will naturally differ from location to location. In the United Kingdom, the platform must offer evidence that it is approved by the Financial Conduct Authority. Note that this oversight refers to the country where the broker is based. Trading Spreads One of the most critical determinants of profit revolves around the amount of commission that the broker will charge per trade.

This is often referred to in units known as pips. Note that this spread will vary between brokers. As a rule of thumb, lower pips will equate to less commissions taken out during each trade. Still, other brokers could choose to charge no pip-based commission and instead make a profit when trading wider spreads.

Initial Deposit Amounts One of the main attractive characteristics of Forex trading is that traders will normally not be required to place a great deal of money down to open an account in contrast to a commodities position such as gold. These were my next steps: I came up with 10 important categories of features to measure each company. Some of these features included costs and fees, access to investment products, research, education, trading technology, and financial resources.

I compared each of the 15 online brokers across these features. Once this comparison was complete, I was left with four of the best online brokers that excelled in specific areas. These four online brokerage firms cover the spectrum for anyone who would sign up for an investment account. I knew I could recommend one of them to a specific group of investors or traders. Here are the final steps I took: I tested out each of the top four brokers I actually tested several in the top 15 and simulated the trading experience.

I analyzed the unmeasurable aspects of each broker that the data could not account for, like usability and functionality, and downloaded all the mobile apps.

I looked for additional features unique to each online broker that I also did not capture in the data.

The company still exists today and trades under the ticker SCON. This was the time of the first technology boom from The stock eventually went up to nearly double that and then crashed with the rest of the tech market. Being 14 years old and thinking this stock was going to go up forever, I rode the wave up and all the way back down — down to nothing. Check out the chart of SCON below and feel my pain.


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