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Nevertheless, such edicts have caused a profound change on the U. He seemed proud that our intelligence community is evil and vindictive.

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Brennan is part of the leftist resistance and he will not accept that Trump won the election. The more Trump succeeds, the more the attacks from the left grow. This is what Brennan is implying. Do the Russians have blackmail material on you JohnBrennan? Brennan, a former commie or perhaps current one, feels he has the right to imply Putin has dirt on the President — with no evidence. And so is he afraid that Mr. Putin might have something on him? Trump knows what he might be vulnerable to.

But we can't call the whole thing off. We can legitimately differ on whether Putin is a "killer" or not, or the father of his nation, or the noble knight saving Russia. Understanding of the Russian system becomes imperative with the announcement of the creation of the MGB Ministry of State Security , combining a number of existing bodies, which is to be operative before the Russian presidential election of It is ominous for two reasons.

One is that with its seeping powers, it will resemble the former KGB; the other is that the MGB was the name of the infamous Stalinist organization for eight years, The current differences between President Donald Trump and members of the U. Senate over policy toward contemporary Russia exist at almost the th birthday of one of history's most important train rides. In April , Vladimir Lenin, accompanied by more than 30 companions, was allowed to ride from Zurich, where they were in exile, to the Finland Station in Petrograd.

Germany allowed the train to go through its country because its leaders believed, correctly, that Lenin's presence in Russia would lead to political instability and to Russia pulling out of World War I so that Germany would no longer have to fight on an Eastern front. The train ride did lead to the end of the tsarist regime; to the dictatorship of the Communist party; to a totalitarian regime, the Soviet Union; and indirectly to the growth of Nazism as the supposed herald of anti-communism.

It is unlikely that the Bolshevik Revolution would have succeeded without Lenin, who articulated the promise of peace, bread, and land and channeled anti-war feelings and the longing for an end to the war with Germany. Though Lenin occupied power for a short time, his rule led to the deaths of millions.

The uprising in March against the Bolsheviks by the sailors and workers at the naval fortress at Kronstadt was crushed, with several thousand killed. Stalin was not on the train to the Finland station, though after he came to power, hundreds of photos were doctored to make him appear beside Lenin. There is abundant documentation of the crimes, euphemized as "mistakes," committed by the Stalinist regime. Ted Malloch names the players, connects the dots, and explains who was behind the plot to create a red November.

He is a legendary American political consultant and strategist who played a key role in the election of Republican presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George H. This is an important book that will help to dispel the myths. Malloch represents what should be the real American interest in the election and beyond — that Russia and other nations have an inherent interest in weakening the legitimacy of the President of the United States, and the media — alongside Democrats and even former British spies — are actually assisting Kremlin interests.

This book reveals what Trump is up against. It is the most politically explosive book of the year. Why do they do it?


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