From the sounds of it, the Thai government does have things under control and plenty of help from trained professionals. 

The latter is more inspiring than the former.

With us or against us 

Last week, tech mogul Elon Musk announced on Twitter that he was dispatching engineers from his SpaceX and Boring Company teams to aid with the Thai government’s mission to rescue 12 boys.

The Silicon Valley engineer and billionaire was briefly seen in Thailand last week, hauling a miniature submarine to the mouth of the cave just before an international dive team rescued the boys without it.

This has, inevitably, led Musk into a rhetorical war with people who actually participated in the rescue operation - a war that he drastically escalated on Sunday morning, when he called one of the cave explorers a "pedo.

If not, a summary of man and cave follows. Musk - briefly - is a person who co-founded the e-commerce site PayPal, who later built rocket ships through SpaceX and electric cars through Tesla, and who is alternately hailed as a visionary or derided as a showboater for pitching ideas to begin colonizing Mars next decade, or build highways under Los Angeles, or create a website to rate the credibility of journalists who report on problems at his electric car company.

The world is captivated by the plight of a Thai soccer team trapped in a flooded cave - and so, too, is billionaire inventor Elon Musk. As rescuers began a daring extraction of the boys and their coach from the cave over the weekend, Musk said he had sent a "child-size submarine" to the country The cave saga, on the other hand, was a massive, weeks-long operation to rescue a boys soccer team from a flooded tunnel system, an effort led by the Thai government, carried out with the help of British divers, and watched obsessively by much of the world.

It really had nothing to do with Musk - until one of his Twitter fans suggested, a week and a half into the operation, that he build an invention to help get the boys out. It's easy to argue that any corporate-philanthropic effort, short of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is related to PR.

Does Apple care about HIV? I would guess yes, but it almost certainly cares more about marketing. There's nothing wrong with doing good to get good PR. But that wasn't the end of the story. Vernon Unsworth, one of the divers involved in the rescue, on Sunday called Musk's involvement a "PR stunt," telling CNN his submarine wouldn't have made it 50 metres into the cave. Musk replied, with a now deleted tweet , saying he'd make a video of the submarine successfully traversing through the cave.

He ended it with an unnecessary, baseless line: Unsurprisingly, Unsworth told an Australian TV station he is considering legal action. Elon Musk sends tiny submarine 1: He's an increasingly popular target for criticism, but blind derision, like people reveling in his failure, makes the criticism against his actual faux pas less meaningful.

Musk really has overpromised and underdelivered in the past. In he claimed Tesla would be manufacturing , cars a year by , up from 84, that year , thanks to a completely automated building process. This has ended up being drastically harder than he anticipated, as the company has been unable to meet production targets for the Model 3: Musk weeks ago announced the team was up to 7, cars a week. Around 9, cars would need to be manufactured every week in the year for the , goal to be met.

Musk also concerned many in June when he flirted with the idea of creating Pravda, a platform where the public could rate publications and journalists. This stemmed from an April report from nonprofit Reveal that criticized Tesla's safety standards, which Tesla claimed was an "extremist organization working directly with union supporters.

Report about forklifts not beeping is also bs. Run your own poll … — Elon Musk elonmusk May 27, These issues get lost in the shuffle of criticisms that are less accurate but more sensational.

My least favorite method of Musk incrimination is guilt by association: His fans attack people who criticize him, and it's implied that Musk is at fault for this. Click for more Boom With a View. Musk has a small army of devoted fans who go way too far in defense of him, especially when they threaten journalists or public figures who speak poorly of him.

By contrast, the rate stood at 3. Treasury secretary, told reporters. Four decades ago, Mr. Ranieri was at the helm of a revolution in how Americans finance their homes. Until then, mortgages largely stayed on the books of local savings banks.

Ranieri created a secondary market that packaged mortgages into securities sold to investors. In , the housing market collapsed, setting off one of the worst crises that has ever shaken the global financial system. Ranieri, 71 years old. Turkish stocks are down more than 56 percent from their week high, while Brazilian and Argentine stocks are both trading more than 30 percent below that mark. The Financial Services Forum is an economic policy and advocacy group whose members are the chief executive officers of the eight largest and most diversified financial institutions headquartered in the United States.

Forum member institutions are a leading source of lending and investment in the United States and serve millions of consumers, businesses, investors, and communities throughout the country. Our institutions have substantially improved their capital and liquidity positions, and regulatory and supervisory changes in the past decade have further enhanced their resiliency and resolvability.

Forum institutions have increased their capital by 40 percent and have more than doubled their high-quality liquid assets during the past decade, putting them in a strong position to support U. Follow us on Twitter fsforum , LinkedIn , and online at:



When people ask Elon Musk how he learned to build rockets, he has a simple answer. "I read books," he reportedly likes to say. Musk — who was smart enough to get into a physics Ph.D. program at.

Elon Musk with the Tesla Model S. Alex Davies Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, he has turned a pipe dream — an all-electric car company — into a viable business, in a high-risk, high-cost industry. Nov 07,  · Mobile app allows worker to get a portion of his paycheck, for hours already worked, deposited into his bank account before payday, with the fee for this advance set by the user. Bona fides. 

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Nov 07,  · With money pouring into startups, it's no surprise that 22 companies are new to our second annual Fintech 50 list. May 24,  · Awareness is also up as Americans concerned about climate change look for cleaner energy options. Elon Musk has helped add to the solar buzz. Musk's Tesla recently started taking orders for solar.

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