I have been calling into this company for the last week. This of course is the worst complaint I have seen on these guys, but have found a number of others along with it. 

They may be registered, but that does not completely exempt them from wreaking havoc and losing their traders trust. The numerous positive reviews you will find have no negative comments on them as they are carefully monitored in order to prevent anyone contradicting their advertisement.

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Turns out Global Travel International is the parent company. I think I was softened somewhat by having been reached by them through a company that I /5(34).

When you read these reviews though you clearly see that they are all written by people that probably have never traded before, or at least have never traded with these guys in order to actually be able to back their positive review.

I do not claim to have traded with these guys and never plan to, but I think it is pretty clear that these guys are nothing more than the numerous scam brokers out there that have the sole goal of gaining your trust so you invest more and more.

Only to close your account in the end and leave you hanging with your profits and investment in their pockets. In the Forex PeaceArmy you will find numerous open complaints and letters about this scam broker. The numerous positive reviews you will find have no negative comments on them as they are carefully monitored in order to prevent anyone contradicting their advertisement.

There is even a Facebook page dedicated to the fact that they are a scam! Honestly, the moment I see a website that is so badly taken care of, serious misdirection as to whether they are registered or not, and complaints such as the ones I have found, is the moment I move onto a different broker.

It is simply not worth it to risk investing with a broker that has been around for such a short time and already has complaints galore under their belt. Stay away from Option Stars Global scam broker if you want to keep your money and profits. After getting scammed with a Binary Options Trading System I decided to take my experience and do some good with it by sharing my knowledge in order to help others make informed decisions on where to invest their money.

I follow the latest software releases and write honest reviews based on my own experience and in depth research revealing the latest scams and possible trusted software that is safe to invest with.

I reported some illegal activity on part of my supervisor and some very bad decisions on late start times and was ultimately terminated for following instruction contained within the employee manual that read if you make a complaint no retaliation would be tolerated.

Not to mention that the company did not follow their own procedures according to the employee manual when termination is issued. I filed a complaint and i had a target on my back. This was a great place to work 2 years ago however, the company had a phone conference with the employees to congratulate the investigators for our hard work and the companies record profits. Two days later they attempted to cut every investigators pay.

Everyone threatened to quit so they made fewer cuts in pay. Suggesting a surveillance plan on information i found on a subject to my supervisor was useless since he would have to make a call to the client. The staff were all very friendly and no one was pushy at any time. The presenter Joy was very friendly and professional, and she more or less just went through the motions, she's got the whole flow down pat.

The examples were impressive that they used, and had we seriously been interested we would have done the math ourselves to see if it was something that would truly benefit us.

With our current lifestyle its not something we want to do, but maybe someday in the future when kids are grown. We told our sales person that we weren't interested after the presentation, and she said that was fine, that she just had to go through her spiel anyway as part of her job.

She asked for our business several times but seemed a bit aloof. She was friendly the entire time and we never felt as if we weren't welcome even though we declined early on. It's not a scam, it is a legitimate business, but you have to understand how it works completely and really do the math to see if its worth doing for your lifestyle. There are discounts online for hotels and cruises without joining something like this, you just have to do the research and find them.

We received a letter offering us 2 free tickets on 1 of 5 airlines, 2 night stay in 1 of 4 hotels, and a free 3 day car rental. They said to call a number for the info which turned out to be a call center wanting to schedule us to attend a 90 min presentation which we did attend. All the guy talked about was international travel which we told them in the beginning we do travel in the states but have no interest in international travel.

This is a total scam when you add up the cost per person and then add in the flight cost you are paying more that Priceline, and the rest of the discount services plus you have already paid between 7K - 1K.


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Reviews from Global Options employees about Global Options culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more/5(14).

Glassdoor has 28 GlobalOptions reviews submitted anonymously by GlobalOptions employees. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if /5(28). Global Option is a binary options website owned by WGM Services Ltd., the same broker which runs EZTrader. While EZTrader has been operating since , Global Option is the company’s newer website, and has been online since  

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Global Option is owned and operated by WGM Services Ltd., a broker some traders may already be familiar with since they also operate EZTrader. Global Option uses the same EZTrader platform. Global Option is headquartered in Cyprus and is currently seeking regulation by CySEC.1/10(1). Option Stars Global Scam Broker Review Posted on September 24, , By Anna Georgieva I have been at it with scam brokers such as Option Stars Global lately because it seems like the root of the problem stems from there.

I just got home from a vacation I booked through Global Options Travel - and I have to say it was one of the best family vacations we have ever taken. I have a 4 and a 2 year old and these guys set me up with a 2 bedroom suite with kitchenette in San Antonio near Six Flags and Sea World at a major hotel chain vacation club.3/5(6). Travel Services - Go Global Travel Services.

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