The first few questions I had about Changelly: An in-depth FAQ also helps you educate yourself about the ins and outs of basic cryptocurrency trades. 

My transaction occurred at Then, it lets you trade at that rate.

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Changelly is a good exchange. I like it. Relatively good rates and easy to use interface. Useful when you need a quick exchange of your coins. Recommended to people who haven't used it yet. October 03, , PM.

You can view the full list of supported currencies on their site. Dozens of others are listed on the official website. Instead, you use the wallet of whatever coin you wish to buy. Each Changelly transaction takes about 5 to 20 minutes to be processed. However, larger-value transactions over 1 BTC may take longer depending on the size of your transaction and the capacity of the blockchain.

Widgets For Publishers Changelly has made a series of software widgets catered to third parties. These software widgets can be integrated into their websites and allow users to exchange one crypto to another from the page without leaving. Some of the possible users for these widgets include market analysts, bloggers, and news publishers. Merchants — like gambling websites or entertainment sites — can provide digital crypto wallets that accept any coin as payment, then instantly convert those coins into the payment of their choice.

The prototype for Changelly was initially created by the team behind MinerGate, a bitcoin mining pool. By , Changelly had evolved from a prototype into an independent exchange service. Changelly is a unique trading service that helps you get the best rates on popular cryptocurrencies — and lesser known altcoins.

The trading platform was created by the team behind MinerGate. Today, Changelly is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic. For the most part, Changelly seems to be doing a respectable job. Team members often reply to queries within hours, and there are many reports of problems being fixed in under 24 hours. The website is particularly clean and easy to understand, so users have a minimal learning curve to trade altcoins.

An in-depth FAQ also helps you educate yourself about the ins and outs of basic cryptocurrency trades. Support is provided through an email form on the website. Bold fee claims continue to be a sore spot for customers. Many one-star reviews about expensive fiat-to-cryptocurrency trades haunt the internet.

As mentioned above, Changelly claims to have 0. The team does provide an explanation for this unexpected expense, but users are still quick to voice their frustrations. Apart from this issue, most have a clean experience on the exchange. Users who make mistakes with wallets or blockchain choices say their problems are corrected quickly when possible. Is Changelly a Good Exchange? Changelly does what it says on the tin: Users can quickly and simply trade altcoins to suit their needs.

The company itself is not as transparent as it could be. I begin my transaction on January 23, at After entering the minimum info email, amount, credit card info and go through the verification hoops code via phone, code via credit card transaction — which means my card has already been debited , I am informed the transaction should take between five and 30 minutes.

BUT, if I want a faster transaction, I can make a recording showing my face and me holding my passport and credit card. I can wait the 30 minutes, thank you. In the meantime, I cook dinner, get my granddaughter to bed her mom is working this evening , wash the sheets and get them back on the bed, and take a shower.

Several hours have passed, so the transaction should have gone through. Resolutely, I compose a letter to Changelly. Five hours after I send the letter, a Changelly rep responds telling me the blockchain is overloaded and 70 thousand transactions are waiting to process. Mine is done by the time he has responded, however. My transaction occurred at


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The best exchange rates to convert BTC into ETH the fastest way.

I have used Changelly to exchange crypto to crypto, mainly Steem/SBD to BTC, and their exchange rates are reasonable for that service. However, yes I have found that the exchange rates they charge for converting USD to crypto is unacceptable. Changelly boasts about its static-rate fees as a major benefit of its service. All trades guarantee a % fee, which is fairly competitive when all said and done. However, cheaper rates are available when working directly on market trading platforms. If you’re making multiple trades to move altcoins, then Changelly may actually become a / 

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Is Changelly legit or is it a scam? Can I trust Changelly with my money? you’ll see the exchange rate. Note: If it asks you to make an account, you definitely should do that. Is It A Reliable Alternative To ShapeShift For Cryptocurrency Exchange? 5 Best Alternatives To CoinMarketCap [CoinSutra’s Picks]. Changelly accepts payments in nearly any cryptocurrency and you can receive payout in any other cryptocurrency. They also allow you to buy coins with credit card or debit card, but we do not recommend this since the rates for cards are very high/5.

The other unique feature of Changelly is that it aggregates rates from other trading platforms across the internet, then suggests the best rate based on that information. This makes it easy for traders to get the best rates on their cryptocurrencies whether they’re buying or selling. The Changelly allow you to purchase digital coins with their original rates which are being in the trade. Due to real time currency rate, you can save money by purchasing altcoin at the time when the price of your desired currency is stable or decreased.

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