The stalls feature an odd mix of cheap clothes from China, e-cigs, and candied nuts. I feel like all the shops are just garbage they're selling. 

But there's nothing remarkable out there. Day Trade of the World will teach you how.

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Aug 09,  · If you love flea markets as much as my wife and I, this is the place to be. You can be here for hours. We went early because the temps were going to be in the 90's.4/4(86).

Most of the items being sold looked like they could have been found at a local Goodwill or thrift store. I didn't see anything special, but then again I was extremely overwhelmed. They serve food, but I imagine one would spend hours on the toilet after consuming it.

I'm glad I finally visited, but I don't see myself making a trip back anytime soon. Sometimes you gotta let "him" pick the days activities. And when he says let's go to the flea market, you cringe and suck it up and say "Okay" but no more than once a year and only when you owe him big time So off we go. It's big and dirty and filled with ugly. But I keep saying to myself "remember how much you love Flea Market Flip" and trudge thru.

Having said all that, I did find the cutest two old grandma's who also hate the place and are getting out because of how it's has changed. I actually talked them down on a few pieces of art pottery and then talked them down further by "bundleing" thank you American Pickers for teaching me that which made them giggle. I added a Weller and a Roseville to my collection so the day wasn't a complete bust. Still, I'm hoping this was our last visit. But not before next year at least.

He's played that card. Ditto for lunch at Wendy's. I agree with everything Stephanie B's review says. Starting with the outside booths under that shelter I seriously don't even know what's out there. It literally looks like someone purged an entire neighborhood of trash and various trinkets and dumped them all in most of these booths without touching them There's a few statue booths outside that are neat to look at.

But there's nothing remarkable out there. The popcorn stand outside probably makes the most money out of all the separate booths combined. The inside also scares me a little. First of all, do not ever use the women's restrooms. I made the mistake of drinking a large coffee before I came here, so I had no choice but to use them, and I'm still regretting that mistake.

The food court is also a bit questionable. I've never eaten there, but the food is as overpriced as an amusement park and the food is very generic looking. It's obviously a bunch of bulk frozen food being served. I bet they're making a killing on that. I won't ever try any of the food. Now, to the inside booths That's the bulk of Traders World booths.

What really gets me is how unpleasant most of the shopkeepers are. Hoarders selling junk to hoarders. If ever I've needed an illustration of the saying 'there are some things that can't be unseen' then I have it now.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my family and friends for sheltering me from this place for so long. My coming here today was of my own choosing and I take full responsibility for the images seared upon my fragile psyche. Near Monroe, Ohio this one has a large outdoor as well as a large indoor area with hundreds and hundreds of permanent as well as temporary vendors.

Alot of Farmer's Market type fresh produce available also. Anyway we saw Santa Claus working outside and some other people too when we went through the outdoor booths and we always like the outdoor stuff most so if you're reading this and you go you should go when the outdoor booths are open OK???

Just trust me please ok. Anyway have fun at Traders World my friends. Ok then bye for now And filled with a bunch of junk. Yet, there is a fun-factor with making the field trip over to Traders World on a weekend. While I'm generally a fan of flea markets, the quality of the goods sold in Traders World is low. The stalls feature an odd mix of cheap clothes from China, e-cigs, and candied nuts.

I walked around for an hour and found nothing that caught my eye, but maybe it was an off day. I generally like flea markets because I enjoy hunting through piles of unusual, quirky items.

At Traders World, I felt like I was hunting through dirty, sometimes moldy, old items that possibly came from a dumpster. In this case, one man's trash just becomes another man's trash, not treasure.

If you love flea markets you'll def love this one too. It has tons of stuff The difference with this fleamarket is the fact that there are all kinds of decorations and even piano playing I would say probably the best fleamarket I've been to As far as flea markets go, this one gets 4 stars. Based on abundant parking, most vendors are all inside which is nice in the summer. Plenty of food choices and definitely a wide array of vendors to satisfy any needs.

No matter how crazy they might be. Walking around Traders World was one of the more fun activities I've done with a hangover. Would walk around again. Big fan of the plasticine animals all over the parking lot. I come here all of the time and I have a great time every time I come here! The people at this flea market are so nice and welcoming also there is so much to look at and it is really big and clean.

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TRADERS WORLD VENDORS. Accessories Sues Furniture (Building 12) African Black Soap Leslie's African Products (South Main) Airbrush Custom Airbrush (South Main) Airsoft TNT Airsoft (Building 11) Animal ID Charms of Class (Building 8) Art & Home Decor Artsy Fartsy (Building 11) Automotive. Valentine’s Day Chocolate will be handed out to shoppers. Easter The Easter Bunny visits Traders World. Closed Easter Sunday: Mothers Day Apple Pie Giveaway. 

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Aug 09,  · If you love flea markets as much as my wife and I, this is the place to be. You can be here for hours. We went early because the temps were going to be in the 90's.4/4(86). Traders World, Lebanon, OH. 17K likes. open every Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm year 'round/5(K).

45 reviews of Traders World "A pretty big flea market, we took the time to check out a decent amount of the shops. We spent around three and a half hours here. A lot of variety and options for everyone."3/5(45). DAILY ACCESS TO BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES SAP Ariba's TradeWorld Leads and Tenders service is South Africa's largest provider of Tenders and RFQ's, providing a cost effective platform for small, medium and large businesses throughout South Africa.

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