This area has far more land available for development and is accessible by road or air. While the current was slow, hitting a deep pothole under the water was like an extreme off-road experience.

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Oct 11,  · In fact, Usher at Sanctuary Belize told me that on their last

Belize makes it easy for non-citizens to purchase there and it provides those whom choose to do so with asset protection and tax saving opportunities. Additional benefits include retirement programs and business start-up opportunities.

On the Buy Belize website there are different developments to browse through in order to get an idea of some of the different places to live. With their own in-house financing they guarantee mortgage approval with low structured payments and low interest rates. To request information, simply fill out the short contact form on the BuyBelize. Soon enough you will receive a free guide to buying property in Belize and will be contacted by one of their many knowledgeable representatives for a free consultation.

This phone consultation provides interested real estate investors valuable insight into opportunities available in Belize based on your financial ability. This trend continues and any property purchased now at a fair price will most likely be an excellent investment for short and medium term planners. This is is one of the few countries in the world where foreigners enjoy the same right as nationals in land ownership and tenure — and land rights on the beach are not difficult to obtain.

A little-known benefit for those wishing to invest in real estate is that there is no Capital Gains Tax. So if you purchase land, then sell it later at a good profit, you pay no Capital Gains Tax — all profits remain with you. Condos are a growing part of the real estate market and the country has modern legislation to handle this kind of property ownership based on the well recognized strata principle used in first world jurisdictions.

Real Estate — Some Basic Tips Among the many attractions of Belize, none is more important to prospective retirees and expatriates than the relatively low cost of property and housing. For sure you can spend a lot of money on North American-style luxury developments. But you can also buy raw land at prices not seen in the U. Like anywhere in the world, local Belize real estate scams do exist.

Be wary of fast-talking real estate brokers, attorneys or anyone making a high pressure pitch. Do not be afraid to walk away or take your own deliberate time on any real estate transaction. Do not be swayed by who the real estate agent is. Most real estate agents in Belize are immigrants from North American who have literally taken over this business from Belizeans.

You may understandably feel more comfortable with someone who looks like you, talks like you, and likely is from your own country. It is recommended that you do all real estate land transactions through a licensed Belize real estate agent or an ethical Belize attorney-at-law. A title search done through a local attorney should not cost you more than U. The real estate market is is not tightly regulated, thus we recommend that all property purchased must have a Title Search by an attorney-at-law, NOT affiliated with your real estate agent, AND completed before you enter into any contract or make any deposit.

One of the best ways to avoid being ripped off and get a better price, is to try and find the owner of the property you are interested in and cut out the middleman — the real estate agent. You can do this by scouting the property and talking to neighbors, maybe assisted by your taxi driver. Then hire a recommended Belize attorney-at-law to arrange the title search, negotiate and purchase direct from the owner. As with any profession, there are crooked attorneys in Belize.

But if you're considering buying real estate in Belize, you can get a good a sense of the kinds of scams out there and what to be on the look out for. A few particularly instructive links are below. A few common elements that should create red flags: Belize real estate scams victims do not verify title. Belize real estate scam victims feel rushed into making a decision on the property.

If they don't act now, the opportunity will be lost. Belize real estate scam victims have trouble communicating with those involved in their Belize real estate transaction and have difficulty receiving updates on their Belize property investments.


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Buy Belize reviews: Professional so far. Caution and common sense people. These People Don't Act Honest or Normal. Buy Belize - Customer Care Review. Buy Belize - Review in Real Estate category. Be Careful!. Buy Belize: See Location: Dove St #, Newport Beach, , CA.

Sep 19,  · Buy Belize review with 4 Comments: I'm not here bash Belizians or anyone else. Don't think that Belize is like your own country. The police are corrupt and so is their government just like in the afylir.tks: 4. Invest in Belize: Retirement Paradise or Real Estate Scam? It's not rare for retirees to consider investing in Belize. But it's awash in danger, so know what to look for. 

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Ultimate guide to the Belize real estate industry, information on taxes, locations, selecting a broker or attorney, capital gains, avoiding land scams. How To Buy Belize Real Estate And Avoid Being Ripped Off. On the Buy Belize website there are different developments to browse through in order to get an idea of some of the different places to live. The low cost of living can be seen as home prices start at $, With their own in-house financing they guarantee mortgage approval with low structured payments and low interest rates.

Buying Real Estate in Belize Buying property in Belize has never been easier. With english being the primary language, fee-simple ownership rights, affordable real estate, and in many instances developer financing opportunities, owning your slice of paradise has never been easier. Buy Belize Developments The Marina at the Reserve is a world-class marina and residential development located in southern Belize. Boasting a state-of-the-art slip marina and bustling marina village with shops and restaurants.

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