A lot of people, including myself, wasted money in scams. 

ForexTV This is an unusual site that takes part in the growth of the forex trading industry. Sign up and exploit it as much as possible.

Forex Factory 

Find list of top forex trading websites for traders from USA, US, UK and Europe. We have scoured the web to bring you the top 10 Forex Brokers sites.

A variety of information is available on EAs, indicators,and analysis through the site. It offers insight from three in-house analystswho provide information and breakdown on current events that may impact theforex markets.

The website is fleshed out with information on other events,educational materials, and important technical analysis. Education and analysisare two essential tools for success in forex markets. ForexandForex provides a regularlyupdated blog with info on economic and important news events. The team behindthis forex education website comes from various backgrounds within forex andeconomic sectors. For me, this is important.

This site alsofeatures a quality feed of news information in addition to a variety ofarticles, tools, and research. All its contents are suitable for traders of allexperience levels Forex President www. Forex president is a forex review site where you can find traders fromaround the world discussing all topics related to the financial markets.

Contribute your own trading experiences, help out your fellow traders, and getreal feedback from real traders with them. Unique Websites Forex Complain www. I did not know about this site untilFebruary, At the starting of my trading career, I made some wrongchoices. As a result, I lost huge investment and I had absolutely no idea whom can Iturn to? I would like to thank Forex Complain authority for putting up thiswebsite! A lot of people, including myself, wasted money in scams.

This is veryhelpful for people who have suffered from scam. You can simply post yourcomplain, get support from many traders and the authority will communicate withthe company to solve your problems. If the company does not solve yourproblems, the company will be marked as Scammer. I had been looking fora website full of information on different forex related companies, offers,news, evets, jobs and others. I was so lucky that I found forex Catalogs.

This is a great help for the new and average traders. You canfind suitable information whether you are a novice, old hat, short-term, orlong-term trader.

This is a site that offers a great start and insight fornovice forex traders. It is solely based on Videos. All sorts of videos ranging fromeducational to analysis, charts to interviews are being posted here in almostevery minutes.

This site is dedicated to discussions about the foreign exchangemarket trading, commodities, stocks, forex broker website and other relatedissues. The main idea of this forum is sharing the information. You will find awealth of analysis and information amidst the more personal posts on subjectsof interest.

Expect to find all videos of economic and forex news on this site. They offer traditional news coverage, chart analysis,but also dip into digital currency and executive news. Knowing the movements ofthe major players in the forex game can help provide great insight intofundamental developments.

You can find charts not only on Forex Trading, butalso on Stock, indicles, commodities and metals. They feature a heavy emphasison technical trading with only a brush against fundamental analysis.

The goodnews is that technical trading is a very strong performer if employedcorrectly. Forex Signal Today www. Theysend signals via E-mail.

I have been using there signals for the past 5 weeks. They are giving the exact entry and exit points. Although it is too early tosay, their winning percentage is very high. They have a unique conservativeapproach that I really like - you won't win thousands of pips in a month, butyou'll never lose even more then 30 pips on a trade. I pay a lot more attentionto the losses then the wins.

Managing losses in any trading is so much moreimportant than the wins. Most of the providers are total scam. I cannot say enough positive things about ForexProfita. But their service and trades are like no other company around. Theyreply to emails so quickly and call me back if I have a question. I have beentrying their service for 2 months so far. Trading NRG Here they assist in everything to have information that is linked to almost all.

Hence it is very important to update the trend of trading commodities like oil, gas, gold and silver. Actually trading energy is the one that performs this works in an excellent way. ForexTV This is an unusual site that takes part in the growth of the forex trading industry. This also has special provisions of video. Along with this they also provide free video updates on live basis. Hence any forex investments can be made by checking this site.

NetDania These sites come with an excellent way of interpreting the forex updates. They use charting tools that is being used on many other important sites to provide regular live points on forex trading. Along with fine tuned software, they interpret the active services all over the time.


Recommended Forex Trading Site 

The Top 10 Forex Brokers for Beginners Sharon Anne Waldrop If you know the basics of foreign currency exchange or forex trading, also known as FX trading, and want to give it a try, there’s more to learn than you might expect.

Find list of top forex trading websites for traders from USA, US, UK and Europe. We have scoured the web to bring you the top 10 Forex Brokers sites. Forex trading involves trading of currencies and is the largest and the most liquid market in the world. Forex operates 24 hours a day, five days a week, and it has no single, centralized market. On an average day, the forex market trades around $3 trillion dollars. 

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List of Top 10 Forex Sites for 2018

The best website for Forex trading is one that provides you with a supportive and convenient platform for trading. One that supports you when it comes to learning, practice, analysis, and live trading. Best Online Forex Trading Sites and Resources for Beginners Now that you have an account to work with, you need only one more thing, the most important one actually being a beginner. You need information, and you need top quality.

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