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The Lucrosa Scam John Lucrosa sounds very genuine when he says that he is looking for a few suckers to try out the Lucrosa Software.

The Herd Effect or the Flock Method, as it is also known, is a psychological theory which is now being applied even in finance. User testimonials have been great and very positive. 

There is absolutely no doubt that, Lucrosa software is just another binary trading swindle. When we analyzed their trading results, we counted over 75 trades placed in one day!

In Conclusion 

Lucrosa uses cutting-edge technology to identify winning trades with remarkable accuracy % Risk Free Trades will only be placed if Lucrosa .

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Why Lucrosa Works? 

So let’s move on to Lucrosa software review now. Website: What About Lucrosa Inc? We tried to find out about his company – Lucrosa Inc. Does Lucrosa Inc exists? Yes! It exists. Lucrosa is company which is based in US but John Lucrosa is not owner of this company. Seems like they have just randomly used this company name.

Lucrosa Incorporated is an automated trading robot for binary options, originally released in August In March , they changed . In Lucrosa scam software promotional video, John Lucrosa, the fake CEO of Lucrosa software is going to random people and acting like they have won a lots of money blabla this is bullshit and fake guys. 

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First and foremost, John Lucrosa is a fictional character made to represent a fake establishment, the Lucrosa Inc in London. These is no actual business establishment or financial trading company with such a name based in London. So, is Lucrosa Inc. a legit app or a scam? Read this analytical review to know the truth about Lucrosa Scam Review. Lucrosa Incorporated is a binary trading.

Is Lucrosa Inc a Registered business? We did some research to find out more about Lucrosa Inc and yes we were surprised that it exists! The company is based in the US though it’s not owned by John Lucrosa. Forgot Password? You can reset your password here. Next. Close.

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